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  • P.S. AVADHANI, Local   LP  --  Inverse Theorems of a general order for linear     combination of Bernstein  “ Kentorovitch  polynomials, presented in the Symposium on frontiers of Mathematical  Sciences held at IIT,  Kanpur , March, 1985.

  • S.M.MOHIDDIN, P.S.AVADHANI and K.N.RAJU, A conceptual framework for generalized decision support system using fuzzy relational models , presented in the International symposium on electronic device circuits system,   Dec, 16-18, 1987,Alexandria, Virginia, USA .
  • M.S.PRASAD BABU, P.S.AVADHANI, K.N.RAJU and S.M.MOHIDDIN, Fuzzy optimal   routing strategy for a packet switched computer network┬Ł, Proc. 76th  Indian  Science Congress, part IV , Madhurai , Jan 1989.
  • S.M.MOHIDDIN, P.S.AVADHANI  and K.N.RAJU, Semantic models for decision support ", presented in the Southern Regional Conference of Computer Society of  India,. Nov. 28 & 29, 1987, Visakhapatnam.
  • K.S.SWAMY, S.M.MOHIDDIN, M.SAMPATH KUMAR and P.S.AVADHANI,  Knowledge modeling in expert systems , presented in the Southern Regional Conference of  Computer Society of India, Nov.28&29, 1987,Visakhapatnam.
  • S.M.MOHIDDIN, M.SAMPATH KUMAR and P.S.AVADHANI ,  A Conceptual Architecture of generalized Fuzzy Inferencing Hardware ,  Int. conference on  AI for  government  and  Business, Hyderabad,  Nov. 24 “25,  1989.
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